Great Job In Chinese

Great Job In Chinese

Good Job! MB. Development log. Chinese Translation All just my opinion, anyway, and I still enjoyed the game and think it was great. GTS did a great job and in such a short time. We will be using them again for more of our legal international contracts and documents. js_loader. Expert. Apply for Chinese Language Instructor - Part-Time On-Call job with CACI in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, United States of America. China as English teachers. With great job opportunities for those with or without experience, competitive salaries, amazing job perks and the chance to. Explore this list of nine Chinese-speaking jobs you can pursue to help you find a job opportunity that aligns with your career aspirations and endeavors.

English Chinese Translator - easy application supports translating Chinese into English and from English to Chinese ☆ The app is used to. Yes, my fiancée has very good paying job in the IT field. Her major is Japanese language and culture so she had no idea about programming before. Translations in context of "great job" in English-Chinese from Reverso Context: doing a great job, done a great job, you're doing a great job, such a great job. Placed to a private school in Chongqing city Zoe has been absolutely fantastic. She not only got me the exact job I was looking for, but has followed up with me. Nationally known for the strengths of its academic program, outstanding faculty, experiential learning opportunities and successful and supportive graduates. Jan 21, - Effort and behavior-based praise are more effective than "good job". These praising words for kids in Chinese and English can. Translations in context of "you did a great job" in English-Chinese from Reverso Context: Don't get depressed, you did a great job. Good job!” does in English. Not only do we have it in Chinese, but similar things are also very commonly said in Japanese and Korean. I can. You're an excellent cook. Hey listeners! 38% of our listeners chose 'You did a great job!. There's no Chinese audio again and it hasn't been corrected.

Student-centered and a passion for teaching Upper School students; Highly collaborative; Seeks out feedback to reflect and improve; Excellent verbal and written. You did a great job! (English) = 你做得很好! (Chinese). 搞好 gaau2 hou2 jyutping hao3 hao3 pinyin. do well; make a good job of. Level: 3. This term is used in both Cantonese and Mandarin/Standard written Chinese. great job after graduation! Thus, we've provided several resources and analyzed the relevant laws for foreign students who want to work in China. K subscribers in the ChineseLanguage community. This is a community for people studying or teaching Chinese - or even if you're just. Mandarin: a difficult language with good job prospects. Close to billion people speak Mandarin, which is also called standard Chinese or Putonghua; it's. What's wrong with personal praise? · Wow. You are truly amazing! 哇。你真的是非常了不起! · You are a genius. 你是个天才/ 你是個天才。(Nǐ shìgè tiāncái.). When the news is so great, and the person has done such a fantastic job and 真厉害 is not even enough for you to praise them. You can use 太厉害了! 8. 我都. from qualifying today in the Chinese GP courtesy @carlossainz55 he did a great job of getting his head right back i ".

Of all reasons to study Mandarin, a career is the most sought-after. Why & How? Find the best job opportunities in Chinese language! means “Beautiful work” or quite simply “Good job!” 好主意 – Hǎo zhǔyi. Did your coworker come up with another clever idea? Show your interest by. Learn how to say good job! in Spanish, how to say it in good job! How do you say good job! in Spanish Learn Chinese · Learn Danish · Learn Dutch · Learn. ” "Great job for copywriting, Wei is really professional.” "I approached Wei to do translation from English to Mandarin of around , words. He was on. Chinese job interview Great Hosts. Here at ChinesePod, all our lessons In this soggy job market, it's hard just to get a job interview.

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